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Tweezer Inox

Tweezer Inox


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Jewellery Tweezers are very much an essential tool for Day to Day Life of Jewelry shops owners, Gemologist, Gemological University Students, Gem researcher, hobbyist and others.

Type - Tweezer Inox (Standard)

Inox tweezer comes in various tip sizes and types - Groove, Slide lock or Diamond coated to meet various requirements of the jewellery industry.

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Tip Sizes :

Ranging from Extra Fine to XX Large (double extra large) for holding various stone sizes or depending on your comfort or grip. Extra fine tip is very fine or thin like needle. As the sizes increases the tip also increases gradually and become more wide and capable of holding large or rough stones.

  • Tip Sizes - XF, F, M, L, XL, XXL - 6 options

Other Features :

  • Groove : A small groove or a gap is created in between the tip to provide a better grip or hold on the stones - 5 options

    F1, M1, L1, XL1, XXL1

  • Diamond coated : A small coating is put on the inside of the tip for rough finish and better hold or grip - 2 options

    XF-D, F-D

  • Groove (Slide) Lock : An extra external sliding lock that locks the stone away onto the groove hold of tweezer, leaving your hands completely free to rotate or twist the tweezer as per your desire - 3 options

    FR1, MR1, LR1

Material in use :

Inox Tweezer : Made of Fine Inox Material.



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