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TownTalk Gold Cloth 24X30cm - M

TownTalk Gold Cloth 24X30cm - M


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The Perfect Polishing cloth for your gold jewelleries, restoring its shine and making it sparkle once again !!!

Size - Medium

Not only Gold, even Platinum and Silver jewelleries !!! can get the sparkle touch of it as it comes coated with clever polishing and cleaning agents that gets the job done and makes your product alive and sparkling and shiny Again !!!

It is reusable and designed to Last Long !!!

Town Talk is the Home Brand Name !!! when it comes to cleaning effectively and keeping your home, silver, gold, precious stones and jewellery Shining Bright at all Times !!!

  • Made in England
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Size - Medium

TownTalk Gold Cloth 24X30cm - M is a perfect answer to your precious gold jewelleries or items sparkle restoration.

Impregnated with clever polishing and cleaning agents in it, it can even shine not only Gold but Platinum or Silver items alike.

The cloth is reusable and designed in such a way that it will last as long as it is not washed.

For Heavy tarnished items, recommended to moistened a small corner of the cloth then gently rub your items with it to clean before polishing it with the dry part

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