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Optivisor USA DA-4

Optivisor USA DA-4


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OptiVISOR is a binocular headband with magnifier which helps in unrestricted way of working, hands free while reducing eye strain at the same time. This product helps in 3 Dimensional vision (3D). Can be worn over Safety glasses or over prescription. Comes in Various sizes according to magnification need. Very Helpful Gemological tool for Gold or Diamond Craftmanship. Widely used in jewellry industry and others !!!

Item No. Focal Length Magnification
DA-4               10″    2 times
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Features :

  • High Quality Glass : Made to precision with bevel edged and mounted over flexible plastic frame
  • Flexible and Detachable : It can move up and down due to flexible pivot and can lay idle over the heads while not in use. Its lenses frame and head band can be detached too for replacement when it is worn-out or accidentaly destroyed.
  • Comfortable Headband : Adjustable and Fits all size of head and can be worn comfortably for long time

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