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HAD Photography Box QT310-Large

HAD Photography Box QT310-Large


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One of the Most Reasonable and High Quality Solutions for your product photography.

Natural Wrap-Around Lightning is the key to bringing out the best of your product which gives more appealing and presentable look and long lasting first impression to your Customers.

HAD photo box does that best by giving you the full control over your photography lightings and easy photo-taking camera control in your hands !!!

Can be used to take photograph by any digital camera or your daily smartphones.

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Our HAD Photography Box QT310-Large provides Shadow-free balanced lighting with 5500K equivalent of Day-Light Illumination. Can be use with any camera or smartphones' camera. This model is upscale or bigger than our (QT305) Medium Model.

Its bright white interior side panels and door provide the perfect reflective surfaces to go along and complement with the diffused lighting. The magnetically hinged door can be opened and removed in one easy step for quick and easy placement of your jewelry. It also creates a shadow-free, wraparound lighting environment ideal for jewelry photography.

Application :

Digital photography of small to large sized products, 
such as; jewelry, crafts, culinary, wine, flowers, dishes, etc.

Features :

  • Five model selections
  • Safe low working voltage DC 12V
  • Diffused combination of LED & CFL lighting
  • Stabilized color-temperature (daylight 5500K)
  • Light weight, compact sizes and sturdy construction
  • Camera mounting brackets in different sizes included
  • Creates a shadow less and glare free shooting environment
  • Individual light output adjusters for base, front and rear light panels
  • Auxiliary accent LED lights in three different colors (red, green and blue)
  • Extremely energy efficient, low heat emitted, and very little maintenance required

***Great pictures for catalogs, flyers, eBay®, Amazon®, or other websites
Create your photo, anytime, anyplace. Perfect pictures. Easy to use, no setup

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