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Gemax Digital LCD Microscope

Gemax Digital LCD Microscope


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The Gemax Digital LCD Microscope, is an innovative device that provides easiest way to share high definition microscopic observation with others. Its equipped with professional microscopic lens, it helps you to see tiny objects easily.

The 3.5" Quality LCD Panel brings vivid crystal image in true colours, which you can capture with a click & saved in SD memory card or connect with USB to your computer or with your TV monitors !!!


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The New professional microscope’s diffused LED lighting system with brightness adjustable from Top is ideal for primary observation, inspection & presentation of Gemstones, Diamonds & Jewelry.  A very useful device for viewing Cut, Colour & Clarity.

Also it comes with exciting Gemax Protable Capture software to measure size as small as 0.001mm, which is extremely helpful to your researches.

Remove and handle all components of the microscope with extreme care.

Avoid touching the lenses of the optical elements and keep clear of contact with dust, water or other contaminating agents, as they could stain, or damage the lens surface and affect the quality of the

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