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Diamond Size Gauge-7 Fans (IND)

Diamond Size Gauge-7 Fans (IND)


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Pocket size Diamond Fan Gauge for measuring Diamonds sizes with Various shapes and sizes !!!

  • Easy to carry around for Quick Reference !!
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Diamond Size Gauge-7 Fans (IND) is a stainless steel fan shaped gauge that conveniently measures diamond stones of 36 sizes that comes in various shapes of Round, Emerald, Square, Marquis, Pear and Oval.

  • Thanks to its sliding or fan mechanism, it folds back to take the shape of the Swiss Knife form which makes it convenient enough to carry around.


  • It uses Pointer system of measurement which is a common way of calculation in practice for size and weight of the diamond.


  • Measurement size start as small as 0.01 carat up to 2.5 cts

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