Tanita 1579 Scale 200/0.01gm

Tanita 1579 Scale 200/0.01gm

Tanita KP-400M Scale 400x0.2g

Tanita KP-400M Scale 400x0.2g

Tanita KP-301T Scale 300/0.1gm

This is a Stylish pocket scale that offers accuracy, portability and durability !!!

  • 300 gram Capacity, 0.1 gram Graduation
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Tanita KP-301T Scale 300/0.1gm is a stylish pocket scale that uses an electrostatic capacitance load cell to provide highly accurate and repeatable measurements in a rugged package. Unique hard cover provides unsurpassed protection, while also serving as a gem tray when removed.  Features a clear 4-digit LCD display and 4 different modes of measurement: Gram, Ounce, Troy Ounce, and Penny Weight.  

Key Features

  • 300 gram Capacity, 0.1 gram Graduation
  • 4 Modes of Operation (g, oz, ozt, dwt)
  • Rugged housing design with convenient hard carry case / tray
  • Simple operation and easy-to-read LCD display
  • Includes tare function and low battery warning
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Specifications : Tanita KP-301T Scale 300/0.1gm


Capacity Gram (g) 300
  Ounce (oz) 10.5
  Troy Ounce (ozt) 9.6
  Pennyweight (dwt) 192.9
Increment Grams (g) 0.1
  Ounces (oz) 0.005
  Troy Ounce (ozt) 0.005
  Pennyweight (dwt) 0.1
Features Tare Yes
  Hard Case Yes
Power DC Yes
Unit Weight Ounces 5.5
Unit Size Metric 8.1cm x16cm
  Imperial 3.2in x6.3in
Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Grams)
Product 16.1 8.1 1.6 145
Package 19.3 8.7 2.2 192
  • This product comes with a Warranty

Calibration :

  • Place the unit on a flat, even surface and keep horizontal.
  • Press the "ON/TARE" switch, "8888" will be displayed.
  • After approximately 2 seconds, the display will change to "0.0". The unit is then ready to use.
  • Place the object to be weighed on the weighing tray. The display will indicate the weight of the object. If the weight exceeds the unit's maximum capacity, the letters "EEEE" will be displayed, indicating an overload.


  • Do not leave objects on the weighing tray when the scale is not in use
  • Do not use or store near heat sources(ovens, heaters, etc.)
  • Keep water and chemicals off the scale. Wipe with a damp cloth from
    time to time
  • Never disassemble the unit
  • Use in a vibration-free location that is not exposed to direct sunlight
  • To avoid measurement error, do not measure while using equipment
    that generates radio waves, such as mobile phones.
  • To avoid electric shock, do not insert or remove the plug with wet
  • To avoid electric shock, do not use the equipment near water
  • When not used for a long time, remove the batteries and store the unit
    in a dry, dust-free location
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