Wax Slices - Ferris

Wax Slices - Ferris

MTC - Jewelry Cutter/Nipper

MTC - Jewelry Cutter/Nipper

Jewelry Pliers - Economical

These are economical jewelry pliers in various shapes to suite the various needs in Jewelry ring making or other jewelry items making.

Some pliears can also be used for twisting or cutting the electrical copper wire as well !!!

  • Shapes - Round Nose/Flat Nose/Chain Nose/Round Teflon Nose/Flat Teflon Nose/Chain Teflon Nose/Cutter or nipper


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Pliers Shapes and uses :

  • Round Nose :    
    • Great for entering into tight areas, making it suitable for bending wire for jump rings, chain making, filigree work and wire wrapping.

    • Both jaws have a round cross-section and taper to a fine point at the tips.

  • Flat Nose :                                                                                            

    • Helps in various tasks, including - bending angles in wire and sheets, holding small beads, holding bezel wire during filing, opening and closing jump rings.

    • Both jaws are precisely flat with a rectangular cross-section.

  • Chain Nose :

    • Helpful for getting into tight areas, suitable for opening small jump rings, bending thin gauge wire, holding small beads.

    • Cross section of the jaws is flat where they meet and round on the outside. Jaws taper to fine point.

**Teflon coating is used in the cross-section for insulation and better grip.

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