Diamond Fan Gauge-Round (IND)

Diamond Fan Gauge-Round (IND)

Moe / Degree Diamond Gauge (IND)

Moe / Degree Diamond Gauge (IND)

Jewelry (Inside) Dia. Size Gauge

This is a handy tool while you want to look for a perfect size of diamond or gems that can fix exactly in your empty ring hole by measuring its depth through inserting this gauge's tip to get the size (carat or mm size) of the diamond !!!

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Jewelry (Inside) Dia. Size Gauge is a portable tools for jewelry shop owners or makers for getting an estimate of the mm size/carat of the diamond or gems to be used in an empty ring hole or other jewelry items. 

Just insert the tip of the gauge in the ring. The one that fits will be the size/pointer of the diamond to be used with the ring.

Features :

  • Very Easy to use and good for getting a quick reference or comparison of the sizes
  • Built from strong metal to last long
  • Comes in a keychain shape so that you can carry it easity just like your normal keychain
  • Every size is tested or meet industry standards
  • Minimum Range is 1 mm (0.01 carats) and max up to 6.5 mm (1.00 carats)
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Specifications : Jewelry (Inside) Dia. Size Gauge

  • Range - 1 mm (0.01 ct) to 6.5 mm (1.00 ct)
  • Body - Metal
  • Keychain shaped
Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Grams)
Product 8 6.5 0.7 63.5
Package 8 6.5 0.7 63.5