Gemax Fiber Optic Illuminator - Halogen

Gemax Fiber Optic Illuminator - Halogen

Fiber Wire Guide CN-2X Hard

Fiber Wire Guide CN-2X Hard

Motic Fiber Optic Illuminator

This is a Halogen Fiber Optic Illuminator light box designed by Motic. It is convenient and portable without needing to carry any converter for voltage while travelling abroad. Just simply switch the voltage at the back of the unit to match the perticular region or country requirement for voltage !!!

Other Features :

  • Switching power supply
  • 21V/150W EKE Halogen illumination
  • Equipped standard with 2M remote control
  • Color Temperature LED read out
  • 120,000LX intensity
  • 2500K - 3500K colour temperature

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Motic Fiber Optic Illuminator emits light of intensity upto 120,000LX with a colour temperature ranging between 2500K - 3500K. The colour temperature is easily gathered from the LED readout on the front of the illuminator.

With the assisstance of the attached remote of 2M long, this illuminator can be tugged away in a machine or kept further away from the sample to avoid any noise pollution or exhaust pollution to your sensitive sample.

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