GEMS (USA) MM-Scale Loupe 10X

GEMS (USA) MM-Scale Loupe 10X

Belomo Triplet Loupe 15X

Belomo Triplet Loupe 15X

Belomo Triplet Loupe 10X

Belomo Triplet Loupe 10X is a Premium Quality loupe that provides 10x magnification, distortion free zoom with its Triplet lense for seeing objects that are invisible or poorly distinguishable to our naked eye.

Lense Size - 21mm/10x

This Jewelry Magnifier/Loupe is an Excellent Gemological tool in hand to examine or inspect intricate details in diamonds and gemstones, minute details in stamps, coins or jewelry or any other work that requires magnification to identify and view details. Suitable for Diamond Graders, Gemologists and Jewelers !!!

*Sharp Focus/Color Correction/Anti Reflection!!!

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Key Features :

  • Best For Gem Assessment
  • Comes with a travel case
  • Comes with Anti Refelction coating
  • Lenses are protected by foldable metallic top cover from fall or dust
  • No Image Distortion
  • Negligible magnification error
  • No Achromatic Aberraion or fringe
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Specifications : Belomo Triplet Loupe 10X

  • Magnification : 10x
  • Lens Size : 21mm in diameter
  • Lens Type : High quality precision optical lens with anti reflection coating
  • Body Type : Black in color
  • Magnification error is negligible. Distortion Free.
  • Dispersion Free Viewing
  • With Color Correction
  • Made in Belarus
Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Grams)
Product 3.7 2.8 2.4 43
Package 4.7 3.4 3.5 49.5
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