Harald Schneider L1 Loupe 10X

Harald Schneider L1 Loupe 10X

Zeiss D-40 Loupe 10X Black

Zeiss D-40 Loupe 10X Black

Schneider Loupe10X Standard

Presenting the Harald Brand loupe

A pinnacle of precision crafted in Germany. Elevate your magnification experience with our All-IN High-End Loupe, a testament to superior quality and unmatched performance!!!

Immerse yourself in distortion-free and color-degradation-free viewing with our fully corrected Achromatic and Aplanatic Lenses. Unveil the world of intricate details in diamonds, gemstones, stamps, coins, or jewelry with unparalleled clarity!!!

This Jewelry Magnifier/Loupe stands as an exemplary gemological tool, empowering you to scrutinize the finest details effortlessly. Whether you are a Diamond Grader, Gemologist, or Jeweler, our loupe is designed to exceed your expectations!!!

Unlock a new level of precision and accuracy – the Herald Brand Loupe, where excellence meets magnification!!!

*Highest Depth of Focus, Highest Crispness and Sharpness Ever Available !!!

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Key Features :

  • Ideal Focal Length: Guarantees clear and intricate viewing.
  • Unmatched Sharpness: Presents images with exceptional clarity and precision
  • Triplet Lens: A top-notch lens design renowned for minimizing chromatic and spherical aberrations
  • Achromatic and Aplanatic: Secures color accuracy and a distortion-free visual experience
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Specifications : Harald Schneider Standard Loupe 10X

  • Magnification : 10x
  • Lens Size : 18mm in diameter
  • Lens Type : High quality precision optical lens with anti reflection coating
  • Body Type : All in black color anodized aluminium body
  • Achromat - Aplanat Triplet Lens for distortion-free clarity 
Dimension and weight
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