TownTalk Gold Cloth 12X17cm - S

TownTalk Gold Cloth 12X17cm - S

Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish 250ml

Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish 250ml

Town Talk Anti Tarnish Strips

These fine strips are very helpful in keeping Silver Jewelry shining by absorbing pollutants to slow down the build up of tarnish to your product.

Ideal to use in jewellery boxes and pouches, cutlery canteens and musical instrument cases.

36 strips/pack

Town Talk is the Home Brand Name !!! when it comes to cleaning effectively and keeping your home, silver, gold, precious stones and jewellery Shining Bright at all Times !!!

  • Made in England
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For the best result of Town Talk Anti Tarnish Strips, place few silver strips with your silver in an enclosed space. 

Replace with new strip every 2 month or as per usage, environment or when required.

There are 36 strips in 1 packet. Each strip is 4 cm x 3 cm in dimension (LxW)

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Precautions :

  • Try to store silver jewelleries in a dry environment
  • Corrosion can occur due to dampness in the environment
  • Do not try to put your silver items in plastic bags
  • As a result of condensation in the bag, it might result in tarnishing of your silver jewelry. Hence, avoid polybags at all times