Motic Gem Mircroscope GM171-Binocular

Motic Gem Mircroscope GM171-Binocular

Motic Gem Microscope SMZ-140

Motic Gem Microscope SMZ-140

Motic Gem Microscope GM171-Trinocular

The GM-171 Trinocular series Gemology Microscope is highly effective in the observation of minerals and crystals, the appraisal of precious stones. It can also be employed in chemical and biological research. The microscope’s magnification system produces high definition, high resolution, and life-like colour stereo images.

The fixed light split of 50:50 to the photo port allows easy documentation.

The GM171 gem microscope combines the classic Motic SMZ171 7.5X-50X stereo microscope head with a modern brightfield/darkfield gem stand in an efficient, affordable tool for the gemological and precious minerals industry. Rugged and precise, the GM171 optics offer higher magnification than the GM161, helping users perform identification and analysis quickly and efficiently. A generous 110mm working distance allows easy access and manipulation of the gem. Available in binocular or trinocular version for digital documentation, they feature a swivel base which rotates 360 degrees and tilts 45 degrees to assist client viewing. The microscope comes with a foam-padded aluminum carrying and storage case. Lifetime Limited Warranty.

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  • Microscope Head

The SMZ171 stereo head is an excellent choice for jewelry and gem stone inspection at an affordable price. The parfocal zoom ratio is 6.7:1, offering a magnification range of 7x-50x with dual-sided zoom controls and a working distance of 110mm. The head is inclined 45° and includes lnear sliding interpupillary adjustment of 50mm-75mm.

High Eyepoint widefield 10X/F.N.23 eyepieces come standard, offering dual dioptric adjustment and a broad field of view ranging from 30.67mm to 1.33mm. Optional eyepiece powers include 15X and 20X, for additional magnification of 75X and 100X respectively, without the loss of working distance. Finally, the microscope is available in binocular or trinocular format to easily capture digital images for documentation, promotion or client use. Please note that a trinocular adapter is required to fit your camera.

  • Illumination & Stage

Brightfield / Darkfield illumination is from powerful and consistent 6V30W variable-intensity Halogen with an aperture diaphragm adjustable from 41mm to 2mm. This allows depth of field and contrast control for easier stone identification. Incident illumination is provided by a 7-watt, 6000-degree color temp fluorescent light box on a flexible goose neck arm. The stage offers two mounting points for a gem holder and inclusion pointer along with adaptation for optional contrasting methods like immersion or polarization.

  • Stand

The professional gem stand features dual focus controls for precise movement through 125mm of vertical range, to accommodate different gems and stones. An integral swivel base allows 360-degree rotation and the arm inclines 45 degrees for flexible viewing positions by jeweler or client.

Accessories include 100V-240V power supply, wire gem clamp, foam-padded aluminum carrying case.

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Specifications : Motic Gem Microscope GM171-Trinocular

  GM-171 Bino GM-171 Trino
Optical system Greenough
Observation angle 45°/ 60° 45°
Magnification range (standard) 0.75X--5X
Zoom ratio 1:6.7
Eyepiece  N-WF, high eye-point 10X(Ø23),  Diopter adjustable interchangeable with biological eyepieces
N-WF 12.5X(Ø18), 15X(Ø16),  20X(Ø13) optional
Interpupilary adjustment  48mm-75mm
Working distance (standard) 110mm
C-Mount adapter / 0.5X, 0.65X, 1X adapters available
Photo adapter / SY10 photo adapter
2.5X, 4X photo eyepiece available
Auxiliary ESD objectives 1.5X [WD = 56.3mm ], 2.0X [WD = 38.6mm]
Stand option Incident illumination 7W fluorescent light, colour temperature of 6000K to reduce any yellowing effects on the gem, angle adjustable
Transmitted illumination 6V/30W Halogen
Focusing adjustment 125mm
Stage Mounting hole for gem holder on both sides. Users can choose the position freely
Tilting base With a tilting range of 0°(upright) to 45°, accessible to users of various heights
Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Kgs)
Warranty: Lifetime Limited Warranty

Cautions :

  • Use:
    This microscope is to be used for observation purposes only.


  • Do not disassemble:
    Disassembly may lead to possible damage of the instrument and voidance of warranty. If a problem is discovered, please contact the Motic dealer nearest you.


  • Avoid getting burnt:
    Wait for the bulb and surrounding parts to cool down before changing. Keep flammable objects (gasoline, alcohol, cloth, paper, etc.) away from the bulb to avoid the possibility of a fire.


  • Check input voltage:
    The label on the back of the microscope clearly specifies the microscope’s input voltage which must be compatible with the local power supply. Using the microscope with a non-specified voltage rating can lead to damage of the instrument.


  • When changing the bulb please note:
    Only specified halogen bulbs and fluorescence tubes may be used. Before changing the bulb, turn off the power and unplug the power cable to avoid being electrocuted. When changing the bulb, do not let the bulb get dirty. The outer surface of the bulb must not be contaminated with dust or fingerprints etc.


  • Storage:
    Before moving the microscope, be sure the power is switched off.
    Microscope working temperature and humidity requirements:
    • Room temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C;
    • Maximum relative humidity: 65%


  • Operation:
    This microscope is a high precision instrument and must be handled and operated with extreme care. Jolting or aggressive operation can lead to damage of the instrument
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