Gold Test Stone

Gold Test Stone

Filter  No- 2 For Gem Pen

Filter No- 2 For Gem Pen

Gemometrics Gem Pen

Gemometrics Gem Pen provides professional users with the means to efficiently determine whether a diamond, ruby or sapphire is natural, synthetic (man-made) or treated (visually improved to increase the value). The tool is portable, durable and gives instant results. It is used to validate gemstones. It can help the professional user to identify various treatments (HPHT, CVD, irradiation etc.)in natural and synthetic gemstones. It uses high-power UV light and specific wavelenght filters to produce the distinct fluorescence or phosphorescence in the gemstone.

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Technical Features:
  • Indicates HPHT & CVD lab created diamonds with Filter 1 (included)
  • Indicates HPHT colour enhancement treatment on natural diamonds
  • Works on rough, polished & mounted gemstones
  • All gemstone sizes: 0.01ct-10.00+
  • Diamond colour range:  D-M
  • Screens 100’s of stones in a matter of minutes
  • Optional Screening filters (Filter 1, Filter 2, Filter 3, Filter 4)
  • Travel Case / Darkroom (Optional) to check gemstones on the go
  • Portable pocket size / purse size design
  • Battery powered & USB rechargeable
  • Access to GemPen® Academy
  • Innovated by a Gemmologist for Gemmologists
  • Applications:  in the field, wholesale diamond & gemstone buyers, gemmological labs & educational institutes, appraisal services providers, screening while shopping at trade shows & when receiving set goods, pawn shops, auction houses, jewellery repair & custom design houses, jewellers, all natural & lab created diamond and gemstone retailers
In the field:
Gemometrics Gem Pen Set is portable, reliable and battery operated.
From rough to mounted:
Works on diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Both with rough and polished gemstones as well as with mounted and unmounted pieces.
With instant results
Easily interchangeable filters, instant optical validation and It Academy accessible online and offline.
Product Specifications:
- Hexagonal Pen Grip
- Interchangeable Filters
- USB-C Standard For Recharging
- Dust & Rain Proof
- Shock resistant, with protective casing
- Highly Durable
- Easy to use
- Hard case designed to be used as darkroom
1. Enables professional users to validate the identity of gemstones
2. Can distinguish natural from synthetic gemstones
3. Can identify treatment of gemstone
- Diamonds
- Rubies
- Sapphires
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