Filter  No- 2 For Gem Pen

Filter No- 2 For Gem Pen

Filter  No-4  For Gem Pen

Filter No-4 For Gem Pen

Filter No-3 For Gem Pen

Filter No- 3 For Gem Pen is an additional filter to be used with our Gemometrics Gem Pen screener (GemPen® Premium/GemPen® Diamond Screener). It can be purchased seperately for further enhancement for your stone testing or screening. Or you can buy a complete set of Filter Kit which includes all the 4 Filters

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Filter No- 3 For Gem Pen is the Add-on to GemPen® Diamond Screener 

These filters in combination with the standard Filter 1 (included with Diamond Screener) makes it the most versatile option and offers the user the means to truly study Diamonds and Gemstones by searching for discrepancies in the fluorescence and phosphorescence for further analysis.  Filters 2, 3 and 4 are used in combination with Filter 1 to screen for synthetics and flame-fusion (Verneuil), as well as heat, beryllium, and other treatments of Corundum.

* Dose not includes Filter Case.

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