LaserPecker LP4 with Rotary Extension- The World's First Dual-laser Engraver

    Introducing the LaserPecker 4, a compact yet powerful solution that redefines the possibilities of laser engraving and cutting. Designed for creators, hobbyists, and professionals alike, this cutting-edge machine combines precision craftsmanship with unparalleled portability, offering a transformative experience for all your creative projects. With its advanced 10W 450 nm Blue Diode Laser and 2W 1064 nm Infrared Laser, the LaserPecker 4 delivers exceptional performance across a diverse range of materials, from wood and leather to metal and plastic. Its generous working area, intuitive software compatibility, and lightning-fast working speed of 4000 mm/s ensure efficient and precise results every time.Compact, versatile, and backed by rigorous safety certifications, it's the ultimate companion for bringing your ideas to life, wherever inspiration strikes. Elevate your creativity and explore new horizons with the LaserPecker 4 – the future of laser engraving is here
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  • Dual Laser Technology:- Equipped with a 10W 450 nm Blue Diode Laser and a 2W 1064 nm Infrared Laser for versatile material compatibility.
  • Compact Design:- Portable and space-saving, ideal for flexible workspace arrangements.
  • Large Working Area:- Accommodates projects of various sizes with a 160 mm x 120 mm (Basic) and 160 mm x 300 mm (with Slide Extension) working area.
  • High Speed and Precision:- Offers fast engraving/cutting at 4000 mm/s with a movement accuracy of 0.0019 mm for precise results.
  • Wide Material Range:- Engraves/cuts wood, leather, paper, fabric, plastic, glass, and metal for diverse creative possibilities
  • Cutting Depth: Can cut up to 8 mm thick balsa wood and 5 mm thick dark opaque acrylic.
  • Versatile Software Compatibility:- Works with LaserPecker Design Space and LightBurn for flexible design creation and customization
  • Multiple Connection Options:- Supports wireless Bluetooth 5.0 for mobile devices and USB/Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 (dongle required) for PCs.
  • Safety Certification:- Certified by CE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, and TELEC for safe usage
  • User-Friendly Interface:- Intuitive software interface and multi-language support ensure ease of operation for all users.
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  • Laser Type:-10W 450 nm Blue Diode Laser 2W 1064 nm Infrared Laser
  • Working Area: - 160 mm x 120 mm (Basic) , 160 mm x 300 mm (with the Slide Extension)
  • Working Speed:- 4000 mm/s
  • Preview Speed:- 16000 mm/s
  • Movement Accuracy:- 0.0019 mm
  • Resolution:- 1K/2K/4K/8K
  • Applicable Materials:- 10w 450 nm Blue Diode Laser: Lacquered metal, Anodized aluminum, 304 stainless steel, Bamboo, Wood, Leather, Food, Paper, Fabric, Photosensitive printing, Plastic, Acrylic, Tinted glass, Color glaze ceramics, etc. , 2w1064 nm Infrared Laser:- Metal, Plastic, Leather and any material with paint coating
  • Cutting Depth:- 8 mm Balsa Wood, 5 mm Dark Opaque Acrylic
  • Preview Mode:- Center Point, Outline Frame
  • Software: -LaserPecker Design Space & LightBurn
  • Support Format:- PC: G-Code/JPG/PNG/BMP/SVG/DXF etc.Vector Format, APP: JPG/PNG/G-Code/SVG
  • Connection:- Mobile - Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 , PC - USB Connection / Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 (Dongle Required)
  • Operating System: -Mobile - iOS 9.0 & Android 7.0 , PC - macOS 10 & Windows 10
  • System Languages:-Simplified Chinese/Traditional Chinese/English/Japanese /Korean/German/Spanish/French
  • Safety Certification:- CE, ROHS, FCC, FDA, CDRH, NCC, KC, UKCA, TELEC
  • Input Power:- DC(24V 5A) AC(100-240V, 50-60HZ)
  • Size: Laser Head: 241 x 82.1 x 139.7 mm , Stand: 260.5 x 218 x 283.5 mm , Protective Shield: 176 x 145 x 155.7 mm
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