Taxom Price Cartridge

Taxom Price Cartridge

Taxom Price Printer

Taxom Price Printer is a professional price marking system for attractive displays of pricing and other product highlighted details on jewelry items and others.

Underlying the High Quality of your Products and Clearly Marked Prices has proven high boost in Sales of Products !!!

Taxom pricing marking is such a powerful tools in your hand that it goes along with your imagination and gives you full control over printing your own pricing quickly at Once !!! 

To fullfill your preferred pricing marking, Taxom uses only 3 items :

Taxom price printer, Taxom Cartridge And Taxom Frame, That's All of it for an Attractive Pricing Display of your own Choice at Anytime and Anywhere !!!


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Main Advantage:

  • No power comsumption, manual printing or marking
  • Quickly change or rechange your pricing
  • Reusable at all time
  • Elegant and light weight
  • Strong, durable and no maintenance cost
  • UV - resistant


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