Gem Display Boxes (A20) - Slide Lock

Gem Display Boxes (A20) - Slide Lock

Gemax Metal Box LOGO Bar

Gemax Metal Box LOGO Bar

Gem Display Boxes (3 Side Lock)

Gem Display Boxes (3 Side Lock) are well finished glass top Gem Display Boxes in PU leather black color and with beautiful lock mechanism. It comes in various sizes to match jewelry industry's various displaying, Cataloging, storing and transporting needs of Gemstone, color stones and Diamonds of diffrent sizes and shapes.

Every stones under our display boxes look vivid, clear and shiny, sparkling and very much presentable and attractive to your prospective clients.

The looks of a Diamond in our box gives a Remarkable first time impression to your potential clients. It will make your stones so attractive to look at, that your client will be tempted to buy at the first glance itself !!!

*Include Reversible Soft Good Quality Cushion insert
As low as $7.00
Availability: In stock

Gem Display Boxes (3 Side Lock) Color - Black

Sizes - Small & Medium

Reversible Soft Cushion in White or Black (Can Flip the cushion to change the inside color)


Key Features :

  • Elegant Lock from 3 sides: To prevent accidental opening more effectively
  • Beautiful, classical, artistic looking lock makes it attractive and presetable to the client
  • Vegan/Cruelty Free : Well finished synthetic leather (PU) material
  • Protect precious stones during shipping
  • Attractive Display and Cataloging
  • Prevent from getting dirts and scratch
  • Available in various sizes
  • Customizable for bulk purchase (special grids, prints and logos are subject to availability, quantity or product design)
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