HAD White Photography Box

HAD White Photography Box

HAD 360° Rotating Photo Box - Medium

HAD 360° Rotating Photo Box - Medium

HAD 360° Rotating Photo Box - Small

One of the Most Reasonable and High Quality Solutions for your product photography.

Natural Wrap-Around Lightning is the key to bringing out the best of your product which gives more appealing and presentable look and long lasting first impression to your Customers.

HAD photo box does that best by giving you the full control over your photography lightings and easy photo-taking camera control in your hands !!!

Can be used to take photograph by any digital camera or your daily smartphones.

This new model comes with 360° Rotating Surface on both top and bottom for Video making purpose of your product !!!

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Our HAD 360° Rotating Photo Box - Small provides Shadow-free balanced lighting with 5500K equivalent of Day-Light Illumination. Can be use with any camera or smartphones' camera. There are 2 sizes - Small and Medium.

Its bright white interior side panels and door provide the perfect reflective surfaces to go along and complement with the diffused lighting. The magnetically hinged door can be opened and removed in one easy step for quick and easy placement of your jewelry. It also creates a shadow-free, wraparound lighting environment ideal for jewelry photography.

Not only that, this new model of photo box comes with capability of 360 degree rotation on both top and bottom surface, fit for your product Perfect Video Making with no extra tools needed at all.

Application :

Digital photography/video of small to medium sized products, 
such as; jewelry, crafts, culinary, wine, flowers, dishes, etc.

Features :

  • Two model selections
  • Safe low working voltage DC 12V
  • Diffused combination of LED & CFL lighting
  • Stabilized color-temperature (daylight 5500K)
  • Light weight, compact sizes and sturdy construction
  • Camera mounting brackets in different sizes included
  • Creates a shadow less and glare free shooting environment
  • Individual light output adjusters for base, front and rear light panels
  • Auxiliary accent LED lights in three different colors (red, green and blue)
  • Extremely energy efficient, low heat emitted, and very little maintenance required
  • 360° Rotating surface both top and bottom for videography too !!!

***Great pictures/videos for catalogs, flyers, eBay®, Amazon®, or other websites
Create your photo, anytime, anyplace. Perfect pictures. Easy to use, no setup

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Specifications : HAD 360° Rotating Photo Box - Small




Light Source

Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp

Color Temperature


Power Source Required

AC Adaptor of DC12V,5A Output

Accessory Included

1. AC Adaptor of DC12V,3A Output

2. 4 Pieces of Screw

3. 3 pieces of Camera Mounting Bracket

4. Gasket to keep the Camera


4 KG Approx

5 KG Approx

Parts of the Digital Photography Box :
a. Body
b. On/off Switch
c. Top Led Light Button
d. Reflective Front Door
e. Back Panel Intensity Control
f. Ground Panel Intensity Control
g. Front Panel Intensity Control
h. Left – Right Adjustment Knob
i. Up-Down Adjustment Knob
j. Camera Mounting Bracket
k. Front –Rear Adjustment Knob
l. Camera Hole Cover
m. Camera Mounting Base Plate
n. External Lighting Interface
o. AC adaptor
Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Kgs)
Product 30 24 24 3.20
Package 45 39 39 6.74
  • This product comes with a Warranty
2. Powering Up
2.1 Check to make sure the AC Adaptor has an output of DC12V, 3A for QT-
295,QT-300,QT-305. Output of DC12V,5A for QT-310,QT-315.and its plug has
a centre-minus polarity configuration.
2.2 Make sure that the On/Off Switch of the Imaging Box is in the “Off”
position and then plug in the AC Adaptor.
2.3 Flip the On/Off Switch to the “On” position to turn on the photography
box, it will take the lamps a couple of minutes to warm up to reach the
pre-determined level of light output and stability. The box is now ready
for use
3. Shooting Positions
3.1 Shooting can either be done from the top through the camera Hole or the
front with the Reflective Front Door removed.
3.2 Shooting from the Top
a. Remove the camera hole cover. The Reflective Front Door Should be closed
to avoid unnecessary loss of light.
b. Camera Mounting – Mount the camera to the Up-Down Adjustment Knob.
c. Position Adjustment – As the names imply, the Up-Down Adjustment Knob.
Left-Right Adjustment Knob and Rear-Front Adjustment Knob are for making
adjustment in the respective directions to position the camera at the
desired spot. To do adjustment, simply loosen up the knob to lock the
camera in place
Note : Camera ,Mounting Bracket. Short size to keep the Digital Camera,
Long size to keep the Digital Single Lens Reflex.
3.3 Shooting from the Front
a. Remove the Reflector Front Door by simply lifting it off the rail
in which it is seated
b. The Camera Hole cover Should be Inserted into the camera hole on the top
of the box to prevent unnecessary influence on the lighting effects and
loss of light.
c. It is advisable to use a tripod to fix the camera in position when shooting
from the front
4. Light Intensity Adjustment
Light inside the imaging box is emitted from four separate light
panels the intensity of all of which can be adjusted independently
of each other. Each panel is provided with a rotary type adjusted
knob on the front of the imaging box for carrying out intensity
adjustment. The four light panels are as follows
a. Back light panel
b. Floor light panel
c. Front light panel
d. Top led light button
Through changing the combination of intensities of the light panels,
various lighting effects ranging from complete shadow-free to lobe-sided
shadow images can be achieved.
5. External Lighting Interface
5.1 Purpose
Two different colors led light, blue color and green color. The
auxiliary lighting can increase the color of precious stones.
Introduction: Directly into the cabinets, so that the light irradiation
surface of the stones.
6. Digital Camera –Suggestion
To achieve better photographic results, the use of digital cameras
with “White Balance Preset” and “Manual Exposure” features is
7. Maintenance and Precautions
a. The light is designed solely for indoor usage.
b.Always turn off the light or unplug it from AC mains when not is
c. To prevent electrical shock hazard, do not immerse the unit in any
liquid, spill any liquid over the unit or attempt to disassemble the
d. Do not attempt to replace or repair any part of the Digital
Photography Box. Such services should only be performed by the
manufacturer, their service agent or any electrical work under the
local regulations but also knowledge of the construction of the
Digital Photography Box.
e. If the power cable of the unit is damaged, it must be replaced.
Again, replacement work must be carried out only by the manufacture,
their service agent or any electrical technician qualified to carry
our electrical work under the local regulations in order to avoid
electrical hazard.
f. The lamps used inside the unit are cold Cathode Fluorescent
Lamps(CCFL) which contain mercury. Consult Local regulations
concerning the treatment of hazardous wastes when disposing of the
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