Johari Ultrasonic Machine 11 Ltr.

Johari Ultrasonic Machine 11 Ltr.

Johari Ultrasonic Machine 22 Ltr.

Johari Ultrasonic Machine 22 Ltr.

Johari Ultrasonic Machine 15 Ltr.

This is a Powerfull Heated Ultrasonic Cleaner with Digital Display and Timer !!!

Can use just the Tap water as a cleanser liquid for this ultrasonic cleaner.

Features :

  • Cleans in a Minute : It does not take long to clean anything, a minute will do. Generates around 40,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful yet harmless cleaning to your valuables.

  • Heating : Also comes with heating capability for more rigorous cleaning.

  • Various Objects : It can clean almost most of your valuables and precious items, such as - jewelry, eye glasses, watches, electronic tools, dental equipments and so on...

            • Capacity - 15 Ltr.

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More Features :

  • Household Use : Thanks to its Ultrasonic and Heatings, it can also clean dirt, oil and bacteria from metal products, utensils and even can use for vegetable washing to remove harmful bacterias !!!

  • Casting Bastket : Reduces tension or seperate objects from tank, hence extending the lifespan of the cleaner

  • Easy to use : Just touching few buttons for adjustment in heating and time settings, its all good to start Cleaning Immediately !!!

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Specifications : Johari Ultrasonic Machine 15 Ltr.

  • Model : UC-4360

  • Capacity : 15L

  • Frequency : 40KHz

  • Heating Power : 500W

  • Ultrasonic Power : 360W

  • Voltage : AC 220 - 240V 50Hz

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