Jar For Mag. Tumbler KT185

Jar For Mag. Tumbler KT185

Polishing Machine Mini-1

Polishing Machine Mini-1

Magnetic Tumbler KT-360-ExLarge

A Reliable and Heavy-Duty Magnetic Tumbler !!!

These magnetic tumblers are perfect for grinding and polishing items, such as - gold, silver, copper, aluminum, zinc, magnesium, iron, stainless steel and rigid plastics.

It does not need manual intervention at all !!!


            • Size : ExLarge - 3 KG


*Affordable/Fast Speed/Simple Operation !!!

*Many machines can be operated at once by just one person !!!

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The Magnetic Tumbler uses High Speed Electromagnetic Force to quickly polish Gold or Whitegold and other metals in the shortest time.

Suitable for Light Rail Metals/Hard Plastic Precision Parts

Multiple effects other than polishing - Burr/Chamfer/Cleaning

Other object style fits for Polishing with these machines - Irregular shaped parts/Spongy/Tubular Blindcorners/Cracks

Has Safety feature for Protection.


Maximum Capacity :

  • Magnetic Tumbler KT 360 (ExLarge)   : 3 KG


*This max. capacity of each include needle + trip put together with the sample. Hence, the sample subject (or parts) plus needle and trip should not exceed the maximum capacity of respected models.

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