FOX Burr Taper Cross Cut

FOX Burr Taper Cross Cut

FOX Burr Cone Wave Cut #-38W

FOX Burr Cone Wave Cut #-38W

FOX Burr Krause-Flame #256

These FOX Germany burs are made of Fine Tungsten Vanadium Steel. It is made of the most stringest quality standards and exceeds ISO specifications !!!

  • FOX jewelry Burs : FOX Bur Krause-Flame #256
  • All shanks are 2.35mm / 3/32”
  • Made of Tungsten Vanadium Steel   
  • Made in Germany
            • 6 Pcs of same size/Pack

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Burs are the essential tools or supplies for jewellery making. There are many head shapes available to meet various tasks and shapes style for jewelry making.

Each Bur can be used Individually or in Combination with each other to accomplish a task.

This is FOX Bur Krause-Flame #256. These burs are slender and aggressive at the same time. Making this tools perfect for jewelry repairing by removing excess solder from joints.

Some of the common tasks that Burs are being used are as Follows :

  • Stone-setting
  • Wax Carving
  • Drilling
  • Deburring
  • Filing
  • Engraving
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