GM-171 Microscope Head (Trinocular)

GM-171 Microscope Head (Trinocular)

Motic SMZ140 Halogen Bulb12V

Motic SMZ140 Halogen Bulb12V

Motic SMZ140 Objective Lens-1.5X

Motic SMZ140 Objective Lens-1.5X is a High Quality add-on accessories for our SMZ140 Motic series microscopes. It maximizes or enhances the lens magnification for various high quality inspection work such as in jewelry industry stone settings and other works or can be used in Educational environment aswell !!!


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Additional eyepieces and objectives help to enhance the standard setups in terms of magnification.

Darkfield or POL contrast: the SMZ140 series offers extra options to adapt the instrument to the specific demands of your sample.

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Specifications : Motic SMZ140 Objective Lens-1.5X

*SMZ 140 series comes with Binocular Head while SMZ 143 series comes with a Trinocular Head

Model : Objective 1.5x (WD = 33mm)

Objective Type : Achromatic 

Objective Magnification : 1.5X

Objective W.D. : 33mm

Valid For : SMZ-140-N2GG, SMZ-140-N2LED, SMZ-143-N2GG, SMZ-143-N2LED, DM-143-FBGG, SMZ-140 Head, SMZ-143 Head

Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Kgs)
  • This Product comes with a Warranty

Cautions :

  • Use:
    This microscope is to be used for observation purposes only.


  • Do not disassemble:
    Disassembly may lead to possible damage of the instrument and voidance of warranty. If a problem is discovered, please contact the Motic dealer nearest you.


  • Avoid getting burnt:
    Wait for the bulb and surrounding parts to cool down before changing. Keep flammable objects (gasoline, alcohol, cloth, paper, etc.) away from the bulb to avoid the possibility of a fire.


  • Check input voltage:
    The label on the back of the microscope clearly specifies the microscope’s input voltage which must be compatible with the local power supply. Using the microscope with a non-specified voltage rating can lead to damage of the instrument.


  • When changing the bulb please note:
    Only specified halogen bulbs and fluorescence tubes may be used. Before changing the bulb, turn off the power and unplug the power cable to avoid being electrocuted. When changing the bulb, do not let the bulb get dirty. The outer surface of the bulb must not be contaminated with dust or fingerprints etc.


  • Storage:
    Before moving the microscope, be sure the power is switched off.
    Microscope working temperature and humidity requirements:
    • Room temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C;
    • Maximum relative humidity: 65%


  • Operation:
    This microscope is a high precision instrument and must be handled and operated with extreme care. Jolting or aggressive operation can lead to damage of the instrument