Gemax ECO Microscope 10X-40X Zoom

Gemax ECO Microscope 10X-40X Zoom

Gemax Digital LCD Microscope

Gemax Digital LCD Microscope

Jewelry Setting Microscope 10X-40X

Jewelry Setting Microscope 10X-40X is equipped with High quality zoom capability along with Acrobatic stand, makes it an outstanding tools for Jewelry setting, jewelry micro inlays, engraving, jewelry making or other work !!!

Its acrobatic stand arms moves freely with adjustable friction or can be locked if desired. It's easily adjusted or positioned during work and you can swing it away when not in use. Built in Head rest reduces neck and back pain.

Also it takes minimal space with its bracket to stand anywhere at the corner of the table or at the edge easily.

*Excellent Optics/Large Zoom Ratio/Wide field of view/Universal Bracket
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Imagine working on finer work with large magnification, things get quite easy and comfortable. The perfection you have strived for finer detailings in jewelry is achieved easily. Makes your work looks strikingly beautiful and highly precision that you have always desired in your work.

Fragile or other shaped stone can be mounted easily without the risk of breaking.

Engravers can add their finest design to bring their work alive and more vibrant.

Every stones can be setted perfectly on the jewelry even the tiniest one.

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Specifications : Jewelry Setting Microscope 10X-40X

Bracket Hole: 84-88mm
Control High Range: 50mm
Spin Angle: Horizontal±15°
Straight: ±15°
Main Straight: 270°
Material: Hard Aluminum Alloy
Total Height: 500mm

Dimension and weight
Length Width Height weight (Kgs)
  • This product comes with a Warranty

Cautions :

  • Use:
    This microscope is to be used for observation purposes only.


  • Do not disassemble:
    Disassembly may lead to possible damage of the instrument and voidance of warranty. If a problem is discovered, please contact our dealer nearest you.


  • Avoid getting burnt:
    Wait for the bulb and surrounding parts to cool down before changing. Keep flammable objects (gasoline, alcohol, cloth, paper, etc.) away from the bulb to avoid the possibility of a fire.


  • Check input voltage:
    The label on the back of the microscope clearly specifies the microscope’s input voltage which must be compatible with the local power supply. Using the microscope with a non-specified voltage rating can lead to damage of the instrument.


  • When changing the bulb please note:
    Only specified halogen bulbs and fluorescence tubes may be used. Before changing the bulb, turn off the power and unplug the power cable to avoid being electrocuted. When changing the bulb, do not let the bulb get dirty. The outer surface of the bulb must not be contaminated with dust or fingerprints etc.


  • Storage:
    Before moving the microscope, be sure the power is switched off.
    Microscope working temperature and humidity requirements:
    • Room temperature: 5°C ~ 35°C;
    • Maximum relative humidity: 65%


  • Operation:
    This microscope is a high precision instrument and must be handled and operated with extreme care. Jolting or aggressive operation can lead to damage of the instrument