Gemax iLED  Microscope Base

Gemax iLED Microscope Base

Olympus SZ51 Stereo Head - Binocular

Olympus SZ51 Stereo Head - Binocular

Leica S9 Stereo Head - Binocular

Leica S9 Stereo Head - Binocular is a well-known Greenough Stereo Microscope's Binocular Head. It is so well designed that we can conveniently perform any sample inspection and manipulation under the microscope with 122mm working distance for all S9 stereo microscope

Features :

  • Quick Magnification Change - High quality zoom that helps in effortlessly switching from overview to detail with the uniquely high 9:1 zoom
  • 55X - Perfect zoom optics with 55x magnification can reveal extraordinary details in your samples
  • 3X Depth of field - Can see every important details at a Glance with the help of 3x larger depth of field. Quick to refocus
  • Sharp and detailed image - With FusionOptics and high resolution helps to take amazing sharp images yet with no distortion in the image detail
  • Compatible - It can be fixed with any other compatible Universal Base, like - Gemax iLed microscope base.
* Integrated camera model of S9 can make your microscope more smart and can share image or Go live stream instantaneously !!!!
*This is S9 Binocular Head only. Other parts like base etc., are sold separately.
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Changing perspective is easy

Do you sometimes find it difficult to work only through the eyepieces of the microscope?

With the digital functionality of the S9 i, S9 D, and S APO you don’t have to choose between screen or eyepieces.

You can quickly scan through samples using a large screen view and check on details through the eyepieces of the microscope.

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