TownTalk Pearl Kit (Large)

TownTalk Pearl Kit (Large)

TownTalk Gold Cloth 12X17cm - S

TownTalk Gold Cloth 12X17cm - S

TownTalk Silver Cloth 12X17cm - S

The polishing cloths that perfect the shine of your silverware and makes it sparkle and shine bright once again !!!

Size - Small

It is coated with Anti Tarnishing agents that will not only remove any tarnishes but also gives a long lasting shine to your silver ornaments. Can be used for large silver item pieces as well.

Town Talk is the Home Brand Name !!! when it comes to cleaning effectively and keeping your home, silver, gold, precious stones and jewellery Shining Bright at all Times !!!

  • Made in England
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Size - Small

TownTalk Silver Cloth 12X17cm - S is an anti tarnishing cloth that helps to keep the shine of all your Silverware. 

No matter if it small or big, be it silver charm bracelets or watches or a very large pieces of new and antique silverware - all can be clean easily with this cloth to make them shine like ever before !!!

Further, it is impregnated with anti-tarnish agent which will make your product replenish and shine for a very long time. 

Also works wonderfully on silver flutes, trumpets and cornet or in fact any other instruments by helping to wipe away fingerprints and giving it a polished shiny look. Ready for a Sparkling Performance !

The cloth is also reusable and designed to Last Long !!!

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Precautions :

  • Do not wash the cloth
  • Store it in the plastic bag after use
  • Keep out of reach of children