TownTalk Silver Sparkle 225ml

TownTalk Silver Sparkle 225ml

TownTalk Silver Cloth 30X45cm - L

TownTalk Silver Cloth 30X45cm - L

TownTalk AntiTarn Silver Foam 200g

This kit is very useful in cleaning heavily tarnished silverware including ornate and decorative silver, cutlery, trays and candlesticks.

Comes with Anti Tarnish Protection to keep your silver shiny and bright for a long time !!!

Town Talk is the Home Brand Name !!! when it comes to cleaning effectively and keeping your home, silver, gold, precious stones and jewellery Shining Bright at all Times !!!

  • Made in England
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TownTalk AntiTarn Silver Foam 200g is an easy to use and useful in cleaning silver items that are heavily tarnished and not easily cleaned by normal cleaner.

It can clean of any tarnish for most of the silver items that are in day to day use at home or jewelry shop alike.

With Anti Tarnish protection quality in it, your silver jewelries or ornament will keep shining bright at all times.

Inclusions beside the cleaner foam or powder - A sponge for ease of application.

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How to Clean :

  • Soak the sponge with water and remove the excess
  • Apply a small amount of Silver Foam to the sponge and clean the silver items
  • Rinse with water
  • Apply clean and soft cloth to dry your silver items

Recommendations :

  • It can also be used in the kitchen at sink to wash silver cutlery
  • This will ensure your cutleries are always kept clean and tarnish free and ready to use again