TownTalk S.Steel Polish 250ml

TownTalk S.Steel Polish 250ml

Brass & Copper Polish 250ml

Brass & Copper Polish 250ml

Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish Spray 250ml

A convenient way for cleaning most of the heavily tarnished Silverware !!!

It comes with uniquely formulated anti-tarnish chemical in it that simply protects all your silverware from getting tarnish and Helps to sustain the shine of your Silverware for a very Long Time !!!

Size - 250ml

Town Talk is the Home Brand Name !!! when it comes to cleaning effectively and keeping your home, silver, gold, precious stones and jewellery Shining Bright at all Times !!!

  • Made in England
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Anti-Tarnish Silver Polish Spray 250ml is a very easy to use with special cleaning properties exclusively for silverware.

Shake the bottle well before use. Spray the polish over the silver jewellery and clean with the soft cloth to remove any traces of tarnish.

After polishing, rinse with water to remove any excess leftover of polishing materials on it and then dry it with any dry and soft cloth.

Once the process is done, your product will Shine back to Life !!!

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Precautions :

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • If the silverware is used daily or constantly, it will keep its charm, stay rich and mellow lustrous