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DTS016 Gemoro Gold Tester AGT-1

DTS016 Gemoro Gold Tester AGT-1
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Made by GemOro, the AuRACLE™ AGT-1 Plus gold tester quickly and accurately tests all colors of gold as well as platinum. Following a few simple steps will tell you if your sample is genuine karat gold or is non-gold, gold plate or gold-filled. The test result is immediate and requires no gels, chemicals or acids. Simply set the piece on the base and touch it with the pen probe. The LED indicator instantly gives you the results. Portable and compact, the tester runs on one 9-volt battery or an AC adapter (both included). The tester comes with:
• 9V battery
• AC adapter
• a small file
• one pen probe
• instructions
• a black zippered carrying case

Calibrate the AuRACLE pen probe in seconds, ensuring the highest possible accuracy for every test. And the pen probe is filled with saline, not corrosive chemicals, so that it can't stain your fingers or cause acid damage to your bench and supplies. Because the pen barrel is overfilled slightly at the factory, there may be a bit of leakage at first or a few crystals may form on the pen tip; it isn't harmful, simply wipe it clean before using. The pen will last for approximately 5,000 tests; replacement pen probes are available. Use the file to clean away any dirt, oils or oxidation from a small test area on the piece.

Power: 110/220 volts (dual)

Catalog page: 2014 Tools and Equipment Catalog p.219 

please note: • A small piece of 14K yellow plumb gold is required to calibrate the tester before each testing session. Please use true plumb gold, not a piece of scrap or a favorite jewelry item that you know to be 14K; it makes a difference.
• Due to the subtle differences among karat values above 18K (including the fact that the alloys used vary from silver to copper, nickel, zinc, palladium, rhodium and aluminum), the testing results for these higher karat values may be inconsistent. It is important to note that in the vast majority of cases, the AGT1 will test gold above 18K perfectly well and better than any other tester in its class. Also, since the vast majority of gold is 18K or lower, the occurrence of an inconsistent test for high karat gold above 18K will be very small. You can verify test results for high-karat gold pieces using traditional testing methods.

World’s most user-friendly, best performing handheld electronic gold and platinum tester with unmatched accuracy.

Tests all colors of gold from 6K to 24K
· Tests platinum
· Follow easy steps to identify non-gold, gold plate and gold filled as NA
· Immediate test results – no waiting between tests
· Simply touch pen probe to gold and LED indicates karat
· Pen probe provides approximately 5000 tests with proper care
· No messy gel. No staining chemicals. No dangerous acid.
· Compact and portable - 9V alkaline battery powered
· Pen probe, file, battery and easy to follow instructions included
· 14K yellow gold required to calibrate this instrument (sold separately)

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