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LUP-M02-10 Black Rubber Grip Loupe 18mm10X

LUP-M02-10   Black Rubber Grip Loupe 18mm10X
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Model: LUP-M02-10
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Loupe Black Rubber Grip 10x 18mm


10X Triplets are used to color grade and clarity grade diamonds. For clarity grading, if the flaw isn't visible with 10X magnification, it does not exist for clarity grading purposes. Our 10X Triplets are made with the finest quality optics and with top quality metal cases. They are corrected for spherical and chromatic aberrations. That means that they have minimal distortion around the edges (spherical) and are corrected for color distortion (chromatic), which is also present around the edges in uncorrected loupes. All of our Otto Frei 10X Triplets come with a leather pouch.


This is a 10X triplet with a rubber grip.  The lens is 18mm in diameter.  A triplet means that this loupe is made with 3 lenses bonded together.

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